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The world’s first Eucerin Skin Institute offers specialist skin diagnosis, product consultancy and treatment for beautiful and healthy skin.

Dedicated to your skin´s needs - Eucerin Skin Institute

The Eucerin Skin Institute offers various treatments to suit your skin type and condition.

Our skin plays a major role in how we feel and the impression we make on others. It can radiate health, vitality and confidence – or the exact opposite – so it is very important to understand our own skin. Eucerin knows how our skin touches ourselves and, after 113 years of intensive research and development work, has explored it more thoroughly than almost any other brand. The Hamburg-based skin experts understand your skin’s language and offer personalised solutions for all your skin issues and problems. Their dedication, experience and expertise come together at one very special location – the Eucerin Skin Institute.

A centre for skin expertise in the heart of Hamburg

The diagnosis of your skin condition with the Skin Code Reader is the first step in Eucerin´s skincare expertise.

Everyone’s skin is different, has its own needs and requires a tailored skincare regimen. That is why the skin experts at the Eucerin Skin Institute look closer, analyse in more detail and develop personalised skincare concepts and treatments that are tailored precisely to the condition of your skin. The Eucerin Skin Institute is the ideal place for anyone wanting to better understand their skin, and for people with complex skincare requirements who need expert medical advice.

Three steps to healthier, more beautiful skin

The skin experts at Eucerin Skin Institute develop personalised skincare concepts.
With the latest high-tech instrument called "clinical photography" and dermatological expertise Eucerin´s Skin Institute is the number-one address for skincare.

Ideally, your visit to the Eucerin Skin Institute should begin with a diagnosis of your skin condition. For this, Eucerin has developed - in close cooperation with Prof. Steinkraus from the DERMATOLOGICUM Hamburg, which is located in the same building - its very own Skin Code Reader, which analyses the condition of the skin in 25 minutes, looking at moisture levels, redness, skin structure, elasticity and pigmentation, among other parameters. The result: your individual ‘skin code’ is recorded on your skincare certificate.

The current condition of the skin, as determined by the diagnosis, is the basis for your personalised product consultation and recommendations for treatments to suit your skin.

The Eucerin Skin Institute offers treatments to suit your skin type and skin condition: whether you have sensitive or dry skin, or would like to improve clarity or achieve firmer contours, the skin experts at Stephansplatz in Hamburg respond to the requirements of your skin with a very specific range of treatments.

Paired with the latest high-tech apparatus and tried-and-tested treatment concepts, the high-quality, active substances in the Eucerin® product range can achieve their full potential – in an atmosphere of trust. The Eucerin Skin Institute is a centre for medical consultation and expertise, and is the number-one address for skincare in central Hamburg.

About the Eucerin Skin Institute

Eucerin´s product consultancy will provide detailed information and recommendation of suitable Eucerin products for your specific skin issue.

The world´s first Eucerin Skin Institute was opened in the heart of Hamburg in February 2012. Over an area of more than 250 m², visitors can experience a new dimension to Eucerin’s skin-care expertise in person. At the Eucerin Skin Institute, we understand your skin’s language and offer personalised treatments for all skin issues and problems. Not only that, but we go a step further, presenting our dedication, experience and dermatological expertise at a very special location – the historic Alter Oberpostdirektion building in Hamburg.

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